Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on...

Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy

Noam Chomsky
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I picked up this audio book at my library, but I would recommend the audio version as a purchase. I have read one of Chomsky's other books, "What uncle sam really wants" and have watched him in various videos. The words are classic Chomsky, railing against hypocrisy and greed from the highest levels of government and the complacency of the American public. The good news is that this work doesn't feel all that dated, so even with some time, the underlying issues are still affecting the world and it is interesting to see how the trends that Chomsky picks up on have played out (for example, the rise of Islamophobia). In addition to being a pretty blistering book, its a good listen. Noam Chomsky has a very quiet and precise way of speaking, and the main narrator has a much more pleasing and easy way with Chomsky's words. I find this actually more engaging in some regards, since the spirit of his ideas seems to have more impact. The narrator also handles Chomsky's dry humor quite well. About the one thing that I have issue with is that when the narrator reads long quotations that is sometimes easy to forget that you are listening to another person's words and not the author's. Definitely pick this audiobook up for your next long car ride.
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