Pirates and Emperors, Old and New: International Terrorism...

Pirates and Emperors, Old and New: International Terrorism in the Real World

Noam Chomsky
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I was very surprised to see that some people (few as they were) bashing Chomsky for Pirates and Emperors. UNsurprisingly, though, their attacks carry only the usual Fox-news-Ann-Coulter-Mark-Levin "you're anti-american and anti-semitic", with complete (intentional) disregard of the myriad of uncontroversial (just inconvenient) facts that Chomsky presents. This book is about 240 pages, the last 60 of which are footnotes. I have verified about 20% of them, and couldn't find a single untrustworthy source. It is no surprise that the attacks levelled at Chomsky are all ad-hominom, given the fact that he rarely expresses his opinion, but simply states facts and quotes, and leaves you to draw your own conclusions. This is a man who comes from a scientific background and knows how to present a FORMAL argument, without falling in the usual logical fallacies intended to appeal to people's emotions. Not only are these attacks baseless, but they're also self-contradicting. The VAST majority of his sources are, in fact, American and Israeli sources (American presidents and newspapers, Israeli politicians and journals, etc). It is simply mind-blowing that these attackers can't see the fallacy of their own arguments (or do they?). This book is over 20 years old now, but is still as relevant as it ever was. Definitely a recommended read. "We will understand very little about the world if we neglect the relevant historical context, commonly ignored or suppressed in the official doctrine." Pirates and Emperors, page 111.
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