Business Writing Essentials - How To Write Letters, Reports...

Business Writing Essentials - How To Write Letters, Reports and Emails

Clare Whitmell
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Write business letters, reports and emails faster and more accurately.
In Business Writing Essentials you learn the secrets of great business writing to impress your boss and keep your customers happy!
You get:
Templates for the most common business situations
Guidelines for accurate punctuation, spelling and layout
Easy-to-follow advice for correct style and tone. Plus… all the phrases you need for everyday correspondence at your fingertips.
This book is packed with hundreds of examples and dozens of ready-to-use letter and email templates covering:
Asking for advice
Asking for clarification
Asking for confirmation
Asking for information
Bad news and threats
Booking a hotel room
Complaining and apologising
Confirming orders and prices
Giving information
Good news
Making an appointment
Making requests
Replying to requests
Sales offers
Thank you letters. Who is this book for?
Business Writing Essentials is ideal for anyone who needs to improve their business writing skills quickly and easily. Both American and British spelling and punctuation are included.
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