How to have that difficult conversation you've been...

How to have that difficult conversation you've been avoiding : with your spouse, your adult child, your boss, your coworker, your best friend, your parent, someone you're dating

Henry Cloud, John Sims Townsend
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Part I. Why you need to have that difficult conversation -- The conversation can change your life -- The benefits of a good conversation -- Part II. The essentials of a good conversation -- Be emotionally present -- Be clear about 'you' and 'I' -- Clarify the problem -- Balance grace and truth -- Stay on task -- Use the formula, when you do 'a,' I feel 'b' -- Affirm and validate -- Apologize for your part in the problem -- Avoid 'shoulds' -- Be an agent for change -- Be specific -- Differentiate between forgiving and trusting -- Part III. Seeing how it's done -- Telling people what you want -- Making someone aware of something -- Stopping a behavior -- Dealing with counterattack and other problems -- Part IV. Getting ready to have the conversation -- Why you need to get ready -- How to get ready -- Part V. Having the conversation with people in your life -- With your spouse -- With someone you're dating -- With your kids -- With your parents -- With your adult children -- At work -- With people in authority
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