Dear Community
Happy New Year!
Let's remember what interesting
happened in the past year!
Uploaded books
Our book collection has been enriched with thousands of new
books! Year by year the collection is constantly increasing and this
is all thanks to our users. We would like to acknowledge the most
active uploaders of this year:
fiedleri Monkikis Zaleo Maverick7819 t0m AvidReader why daniel TrumpWon-JesusSaves Carlos ykla realgabba Purple lucy ndfour liudin PeterMoon alverickito zwiertje _a9 Cris1313
2 968 721Uploads by users
One of the most popular updates of the past year has been the
Booklists. Using this feature, you can create a collection of books
on any topic, and share it with the ZLibrary community. Check out
public booklists section, you can find thousands interesting booklists
created by our users. Thank you all for sharing your book recommendations!
74 550Public Booklists created by users
Book Requests
The most awaited feature of the past year has been Book Requests.
Several thousand users have already received the books they
were waiting for. Maybe the book you requested will appear
in the library very soon!
81 174Users found their books
The editors are our heroes who check and correct the book
information daily without weekends. Thank you so much for
spending your time making the library a better place!
The list of heroes is so long that we had to display only most active:
zighVx Maverick7819 Glos whyau pp6 AvidReader Anke81 Big lucy Robbie Stew Caleida webtycho Teodora catalina jourmager antanas pinkman777 Transboi chal8
518 750Corrections were made by our users
New category system
A new categorization was also implemented in 2021.
We have divided the categories into Fiction / Non-Fiction,
fundamentally revised the past categories, and added new ones.
As a result of our joint efforts, a quarter of the books already have categories.
Good job!
3 062 923Books were categorized
Android app
Good news for Android device owners!
We have created a simple app to improve your experience
on mobile devices. The functionality of the app is limited,
but we plan to gradually add new features.
Enjoy it!
175 000App downloads
Let's remember other important features that we have been
implemented during the year
book rating
Telegram bot
Redesigned Your favorites page
Redesigned Download history page
Redesigned the major pages
saving search filters
Redesigned the Profile page
Redesigned Sign on page
auto-generated book covers
Stay with Zlibrary!
You have already
received your gift!

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R. David Lankes