The results of fundraising, book rating, and a new page of download history

May 10, 2021

Dear Zlibrary Community,

We have some good news to share! The latest fundraising campaign was successfully completed, with about 200 countries participating! This is a sign to us of how our library has grown over the past few years, and all because of you. Thank you for putting up with bugs that come up from time to time, for reporting on errors with lightning speed, and for actively participating in the “life” of our library. Back in 2009, no one thought this project would grow into something big. Your touching feedbacks, which you send to us and post under the blog entry, give us a sense that we've come all this way for a reason. Thank you all!

So let's finally talk about the new features. We've recently implemented a feature to rate the plot of the book and the quality of the file. We hope this will help you choose the highest-quality version of the book, and we will be able to remove books with a low-quality rating in the future. This feature is located on the book page, just under the "author". Find it? You may wonder why two different colored scores are displayed. The orange score is for the plot of the book and the green one is for the quality of the file.

Please note: any user can rate the plot, but only users who downloaded the book can rate the quality.

  • If you suddenly change your mind after rating a book, no problem, you can update it at any time.
  • If you downloaded several versions of the book (from the drop-down list), you can rate them all at once by clicking on the star icon (screenshot 2).
  • If two users have given a score of 1-2, this version of the book will be highlighted in the list of available versions (screenshot 3).
  • If the star icon is grayed out, it means you've already rated this book.
  • For quick access, you can also use this feature on the download history page.
  • Please rate the books you have downloaded or read. By spending a little time, you will help other users find the right book quickly.

Speaking of download history, have you noticed that we've refreshed the design of the page? In addition to removing a book from your download history, you can also rate and re-download it. If you're looking for the download history for a specific period, you can use the date filter. And most important, the counter reset time is now displayed in hours, and the progress bar clearly shows how many downloads you have left.

We are going to refresh the design of other pages/forms/elements in the future. So if you notice any bug, don't hesitate to email us :) That's all for now, thank you for your attention!

Always yours,

The Zlibrary Team


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R. David Lankes