New options: "book requests" and save your search filters

Feb 15, 2021

Hello booklovers,

Zlibrary team is on the air and we’re going to share the news that has happened since our last “meeting”.

Finally, the long-awaited "Book request" option is now available on our website! And from now on, you don't have to write us an email or a comment asking to add books, you can just use this option. All you need to know is an ISBN of the book and our system will automatically fill in the necessary information.

Please make sure that we don't have the book in the library before creating a request. If the book is available but you need a different file format, you won't be able to request it.

Besides subscribing to a book request (using the "Tracking" button), you can also set up a notification: either by email or through your account. Later we will make a search through book requests and a filter by category.

At the moment there are about 5 thousand requests! But we want to point out that a book request doesn't guarantee that the book will be added soon. Please be patient.

The next major update concerns saving search filters. For example, you are only interested in English books of the last 5 years in the pdf format. Not a problem! Just set the search parameters and click on the "Save" icon that appears. This is your default filter now, but if you want to reset the settings - click on the "X" icon. The same works on the articles website.

In addition to the updates you see on the site, we're working on the internal improvements that you may not notice, but they're very important. We plan to develop the Book request and Booklist options and continue the hard work on the new categorization system. There's more to come!


Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities

R. David Lankes