Students Guide to the US Supreme Court (Student's Guides to...

Students Guide to the US Supreme Court (Student's Guides to the U. S. Government)

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This is an indispensable reference for students studying the Court. Specifically written to engage high-school students, "Student's Guide to the Supreme Court" presents a comprehensive overview of the history, traditions, and people of the highest court in the land. This one-stop source does not require any prior knowledge of the Supreme Court and covers topics that meet national high school curriculum standards. Part One consists of three informative essays: The Supreme Court - The Weakest or the Strongest Branch? How Does the President Nominate a Supreme Court Justice? Do They Matter? And how Supreme Court Decisions Affect Modern American Life. Part Two is an alphabetical section of key words and legal concepts spanning abortion to writs of mandamus. The members of the current Roberts Court, including Sonia Sotomayor, are profiled here, as are all chief justices and notable associate justices. Part Three complements the first two sections with a generous sampling of influential primary source documents, including landmark decisions, excerpts from justices, papers, political cartoons, and constitutional provisions related to the Supreme Court. It is easy-to-read; aligns with high school curriculum; and, unique three-part format.
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