The subversive copy editor: advice from Chicago (or, how to...

The subversive copy editor: advice from Chicago (or, how to negotiate good relationships with your writers, your colleagues, and yourself)

Saller, Carol Fisher
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The subversive copy editor -- The good launch -- Working for the reader, through the writer : carefulness, transparency, flexibility -- When things get tough : the difficult author -- The misguided martyr, or, Laying down your life for the serial comma -- Dear writers : a chapter of your own -- When things get tough (the sequel) : the dangerous manuscript -- Know thy word processor -- The living deadline -- That damned village : managing work relationships -- The freelancer's quandaries -- Things we haven't learned yet : keeping up professionally -- The Zen of copyediting -- You still want to be a copy editor? : Breaking in.;Longtime manuscript editor and Chicago Manual of Style guru Carol Fisher Saller has negotiated many a standoff between a writer and editor refusing to compromise on the "rights" and "wrongs" of prose styling. Saller realized that when these sides squared off, it was often the reader who lost. In her search for practical strategies for keeping the peace, The Subversive Copy Editor was born. Saller's ideas struck a chord, and the little book with big advice quickly became a must-have reference for copy editors everywhere. In this second edition, Saller adds new chapters, on the dangers of allegiance to outdated grammar and style rules and on ways to stay current in language and technology. She expands her advice for writers on formatting manuscripts for publication, on self-editing, and on how not to be "difficult."
Second edition
University of Chicago Press
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Chicago guides to writing editing and publishing
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english, 2016
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