The Art of Conversation. How to Communicate Effectively by...

The Art of Conversation. How to Communicate Effectively by Refining Your Social Skills

Stephen Haunts
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We’re not born knowing how to handle social situations. Manners are taught, we make friends by learning how not to, and as we grow we begin to conform to the expected standards. But sometimes, it’s not so easy to know what to say or how to act. Social skills are critical for success in life, but they can also be hard to come by. If you’re struggling to communicate effectively and overcome your fear, you need a guide to help you along the way. You need this book.Step by step, chapter by chapter, you’ll learn how to let others know you’re interested in what they have to say, keep them interested in you, and achieve open and eloquent conversation.Along the way, you’ll also discover:
  • How to keep a conversation going and avoid awkward lulls
  • The importance of eye contact
  • How to read a room or a person’s mood and evaluate the best way to communicate
  • Why laughter is essential, especially in social situations
  • How to build relationships through respect and trust
  • Why appearance matters, even when you’re just conversing
  • How to end a conversation without making the other person feel unwelcome
And much, much more!Don’t let your shyness keep you from experiencing the richness of life. Social skills can be learned, they can be refined, and they can change your life.
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