English Speaking Course for Beginners & Intermediate:...

English Speaking Course for Beginners & Intermediate: Learn How to Speak English Quickly and Easily

Rich Johnson
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Hello, my name is Rich. I’m from the United States, but I live in Vancouver, Canada. I was an environmental scientist in Alaska before I became an English teacher. I have taught English to thousands of students from over 65 different countries. Now I would like to teach you! My goal is simple: I want to help you speak English like a native. So, let’s get started!

The videos for this book are far more important than the book itself. They will help you to speak fluent English like a native. It’s important to watch the videos for at least 5 minutes every day .  You need to hear and speak English in order to improve, and the videos will help you do that. The course has all the videos for this book, so you can follow along and practice your speaking, listening, and pronunciation. Click the link below to access your course. 

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