Displaying Your Findings: A Practical Guide for Creating...

Displaying Your Findings: A Practical Guide for Creating Figures, Posters, and Presentations

Adelheid A.M. Nicol
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Displaying Your Findings: A Practical Guide for Creating Figures, Posters, and Presentations, Sixth Edition, offers readers essential guidance on creating figures that effectively present their findings. Figure examples have been updated to reflect the reporting standards and graphics presentation outlined in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Included in this revised edition are tips and tricks for designing figures as well as numerous examples of figures that accompany fictional studies. Chapters cover figures commonly used in psychology and other behavioral science journals, such as bar graphs, line graphs, plots, charts, and photographs. Explanatory bubbles accompanying each figure highlight important points about presentation. Quick-reference checklists for general and specific types of figures summarize important points to help readers save time in deciding on the best way to present figures.

In addition to providing guidelines and examples of common figures, the book also includes chapters on how to present conference posters and presentations. Every student, researcher, and presenter should have this book shelved next to Presenting Your Findings: A Practical Guide for Creating Tables, Sixth Edition, and the sixth edition of the Publication Manual. This, definitive resource for creating figures and presentations will help ensure every visual display of data is accurate and effective.

Gone are the days when researchers and students were forced to search through journals for the best way to construct a table of results. Updated to reflect current reporting standards and technological developments affecting graphics displays, Presenting Your Findings provides invaluable guidance, in an engaging and accessible format, on the proper table format for a wide range of statistical analyses. The authors have included statistics commonly used in analyses to make the book as useful as possible for researchers and students

American Psychological Association (APA)
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