Unsubscribe : how to kill email anxiety, avoid...

Unsubscribe : how to kill email anxiety, avoid distractions, and get real work done

Glei, Jocelyn Kendall
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A modern, no-nonsense guide to getting rid of email anxiety, reclaiming your productivity, and spending more time on the work that matters. Let's face it: Email is killing our productivity. The average person checks their email 11 times per hour, processes 122 messages a day, and spends 28 percent of their total workweek managing their inbox. What was once a powerful and essential tool for doing our daily work has become a near-constant source of frustration, anxiety, and distraction from our work. In Unsubscribe, Jocelyn K. Glei will show you how to tame your inbox, reclaim your productivity, and rediscover your creativity with tips on how to: - Break free from email addiction by understanding the psychology of reciprocity, completion bias, and the asker's advantage. - Learn how to email smarter, faster, and less by prioritizing based on what really matters-your goals, your agenda, your people. - Master the art of crafting emails that get people to pay attention, take action, and like you as a human! - Jumpstart your email messages with word-for-word scripts for everything from getting clients to pay you to negotiating fees to delivering criticism. - Develop daily routines and boundaries that minimize your time on email and free up your energy for more meaningful work. With illustrations, activities, and checklists, Unsubscribe makes learning how to become a zen master of email simple and-dare we say-fun. Are you ready to unsubscribe from inbox overwhelm' 
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