Prefixes and Suffixes: Teaching Vocabulary to Improve...

Prefixes and Suffixes: Teaching Vocabulary to Improve Reading Comprehension (Grades 4-8)

Callella Trisha.
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Creative Teaching Press, 2004. – 144 p.
By teaching students how to "dissect" words using the lessons in Prefixes and Suffixes, they will learn how to comprehend multisyllabic words, not just decode them. The activities in this resource incorporate all levels of literacy to maximize the transfer of vocabulary into students' speech, writing, and reading comprehension.
Each of the 30 units in Prefixes and Suffixes includes a word list, vocabulary sort words, review game cards, and a vocabulary quiz. Each lesson has four activity pages to teach students new vocabulary and thereby improve their comprehension skills:
A take-home Word List with parts of speech to study.
A set of hands-on Vocabulary Sort cards to match up for independent practice.
A set of Read-Around Review game cards for small-group review and transfer of what was learned.
A Vocabulary Quiz using test-prep and fill-in-the blank formats that require thinking, reading, and writing.
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