An Intensive Course of Practical Chinese. Book 1 邓恩铭...

An Intensive Course of Practical Chinese. Book 1 邓恩铭 速成实用汉语课本 第一册.

Deng Enming.
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Beijing: Modern Publishing, 1987 — 418+25 p.
北京:现代出版社,1987 — 418+25页A good many foreigners complain the Chinese language is very difficult to learn, and some go to the length of saying that, of all the languages in the world, Chinese is the most difficult language. This is, however, really a misunderstanding. Actually, we cannot say without distinction that one language is easy to learn and another is not since whether it is easy or not depends primarily on how one's native language and the target language he is to learn differ. The greater the difference is, the harder one will feel. Generally speaking, it is easier to learn a language related to one's native language and harder to learn the one irrelated. Such is also the case with study of the Chinese language. The Chinese language is by no means the hardest to the learner as compared with other languages that are not related to his native language.许多外国人以为汉语很难学,甚至以为汉语是世界上最难学的语言。其实这是一种误解。我们不能笼统地说哪一种语言好学,哪一种语言难学,因为学习的难易程度跟目的语与母语的差异程度有关。差异程度大,学起来难度也大反之难度就小。一般来说,学习母语的亲属语言易,学习母语的非亲属语言较难。学习汉语也是如此。但是,同时学生母语的非亲属语言,学起来,汉语并不是最难的。
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