The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles and Brain...

The Everything Kids' Giant Book of Jokes, Riddles and Brain Teasers

Dahl, Wagner and Weintraub.
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A Collection of Fun Activities. Avon, Massachusetts, Adams Media, 2010. — 265 p. — ISBN 10: 1-4405-0633-7.There is a wide range of short 5 to10-minute-long activities which are suitable as warmers, fillers or closers to the lesson. Various topics are covered in all three parts of the book.The topics and activities are the following ones:Jokes
Monster Mania, Sickos, What's Gnu?, Crazy Colours, Computer Wonks, Tom and Tina Swifties, Didja Hear?, Larry and Luna, School Jokes, Quickies, Outta This World, Professor Fruitcake, Hinky-Pinkys, Ring the Doorbell, Jurassic Pork, Gross!, How's Buisiness?, Having a Ball, Video Quips, Gags and Giggles, The World's Seven Best Limericks, Signs On the Dotty Line, Laughing Stock, Pundemonium, Nuts From the Family Tree, You Know You're a Loser When, Spoonerisms, Nun of That, Way-Out Out West, Money Is Only Paper, A Nutty Crime, Classic One-Liners, More One-Liners, Medical Marvels, Tongue Twisters, In the Bag, Burma Shave, The Nickname Game, Goofballs, Watt's the Problem?, Anything for a Laugh, Elephant Jokes.Knock Knock
Once Upon a Knock-Knock, When Fun Comes a Knockin', Tied Up in Knock-Knocks, Knock-Knock Your Socks Off, Who's That Knockin'?, One Two Three O'clock Knock, Knock 'Em Dead with Knock-Knocks, Knock-Knock Yourself Silly, A Knock Here A Knock There.Riddles & Brain Teasers
Time for School, It's a Zoo, Travel the World, Food and Drink, Crossing Over, Perfectly at Home, Let's Play Sports, All in the Family.
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