Become a Genius (2nd Edition): Secrets to Increase Your...

Become a Genius (2nd Edition): Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power, Speed Reading, Learning Efficiency, and Advanced Memory: Speed Reading, Memorization ... Power Techniques

Marco Guerrero
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Become a Genius: Secrets to Increase Your Brain Power, Speed Reading, Learning Efficiency, and Advanced Memory
Do you have a large desire to increase your brain power? And do you feel you have not yet reached your potential?
Have you ever read a book or an article that takes you a long time to finish and you feel you’ve wasted a lot of time on it, but you would like to read faster?
And it does not end there – your memorization ability isn’t at its best - right after finishing you cannot remember what you read, so you need to go back and read it once or even twice again, and waste more time.
This does not mean you’re not intelligent or talented. You are, and you have the potential to becoming a genius!
In this book you will find techniques on how to become a genius.
Yes, a genius!
What this book will NOT teach you
No, you will not learn everything about physics, engineering or math. So you will not become Einstein, right away.
And no, I am also not going to tell you any of the generic advice that you have probably heard over a hundred times…
You will, however, become a “genius” by learning proven techniques that will drastically help you increase your brain power, memorization and speed reading capabilities.
But… How is this going to make me a genius?
Well, brain power refers to the overall capacity of the brain, not just the thinking aspect of it. The brain doesn’t just think; it does a lot more functions such as handling:
  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Talents
  • Consciousness

  • Intuition

Therefore, if you commit yourself and practice these secrets I am about to tell you, you will be able to master these functions. Together, with an advanced memory and with speed reading skills, these secrets will help you reach your potential.
If reading faster, enhancing your memorization capacity, and increasing your brain power interests you...
Then scroll up and get your copy of this book NOW! I am ready to take you on an exciting journey to help you reach your learning goals with proven techniques on how to do it.
Here is a bird’s eye view of the book:
  • Super Reading
  • Skim it
  • Scan it
  • Meta Guiding
  • Rapid Serial Visualizations
  • See it to Believe it

  • Boundless Memory
  • Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat
  • Mnemonic
  • Chunk it

  • Unleash Your Power
  • Map Your Mind
  • Critical and Lateral Thinking
  • Mental Stimulation

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Marco Guerrero
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