Writing Active Hooks Book 2:: Evocative Description,...

Writing Active Hooks Book 2:: Evocative Description, Character, Dialogue, Foreshadowing and Where to Use Hooks

Mary Buckham
5.0 / 3.5
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Want to engage a reader from the first page of your novel?
Do you want to Keep them engaged? If so, learn to:
- Move deeper into the craft of writing hooks.
- Identify four universal hooks that can challenge a writer.
- Spot the most common pitfalls when writing hooks.
- Find out where hooks MUST be used to create a page-turning manuscript.
If you don’t yet have a solid understanding of hooks and where to use them, don’t second-guess yourself. Examine how authors in all genres incorporate hooks into their work and how you can duplicate the process in your own manuscripts.
Read this sentence: Kill the puppy.
Do you know what hooks are present? How many hooks? If you don't -- you need this book.
Every story needs hooks. The best writers know how and where to create them to keep the reader turning the pages. Do you?
Understanding how to compel a reader to keep reading doesn't happen by accident.
Powerful writing--no matter what you write--doesn't happen by accident.
Want to create page-turning novels? If not - ignore this book.
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english, 2015
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