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Hippie Cult Leader, The Last Words of Charles Manson: From Mansons' Final Interviews

James Day, James Buddy Day
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Entertainment Tonight Canada said "Day, Got the scoop of a Lifetime".
From Time Magazine - "One of the people who offered Day
The day that etched Charles Manson into the mind of the world’s collective consciousness was Friday, August 8th, 1969. That was the fateful weekend when Manson’s alleged cult named the “Manson Family” slaughtered seven people. It wasn’t the first time the group had committed murder, nor would it be the last, but the events of that weekend are why Charlie Manson will be remembered as the devil incarnate. A real-life boogeyman capable of untold evil. A maniacal puppet master who carved a swastika in his head with a razor blade.
Ironically, the first murder of Manson’s infamous crime spree was one of poor timing. Steven Parent was an eighteen-year-old California native whose freshman yearbook photo looks remarkably like Buddy Holly. The oldest of five, Steven was raised in El Monte, a city east of Los Angeles. His family was working class and being the eldest, Steven was ambitious. His father had nurtured Steve’s love of electronics and by the summer of 1969, Steven was working two jobs with plans to attend community college in the fall. On the evening of August 8th, just after 11:00 pm, Steven had closed up shop at his second job at Jonas Miller Stereo and driven through Los Angeles to visit an acquaintance who lived in a guest house at the far end of a secluded property in Beverly Hills.
The property was located at 10050 Cielo Drive. It was where Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate now lived. A place that was previously the home of music and Beach Boys promoter, Terry Melcher who was dating Candice Bergen at the time. Manson was introduced to Melcher, but Melcher crossed him.
For 50 years the legendary Manson Family Murders have fascinated and mortified all. No one could understand why such brutal acts of cold-blooded murder could have taken place in Hollywood and that women played a key role. Manson was an enigmatic drifter who could draw in a group of people into his web of deceit and evil that eventually led to the brutal Tate and then Labianca murders. The prosecution would go on to spin what was considered the de-facto theory behind the murder spree and the world bought into the "Helter Skelter" conspiracy. They needed a way to convict Manson for murder even though they had no evidence against him for the murders.
Now for the first time Documentary film producer and author James Buddy Day takes readers through a more rational and believable set of reasons for the murders. In 2017 Buddy Day produced the award-winning Documentary The Final Words which brought together some of the true motivations of Manson and his followers. With first account interviews it becomes apparent that revenge while making others complicit and freeing a brother are more likely to have been the motives behind the murders.
The myth behind "A Race War" as forwarded by Bugliosi the prosecuting attorney and originator of the now famous book "Helter Skelter" was hatched well before the trial was set to take place. Just why did the lead prosecutor higher an author to write a book about the trial and what does that say about getting a fair trial based on the facts of the case in the American justice system? Apparently not much.
James Buddy Day is the last author to have interviewed Charles Manson to get his perspective on what the prosecution and his conviction for murder was when he was forty miles away when both acts were committed. With over 8 hours of interviews with Manson you get an in-depth perspective on who really was Charles Manson the most famous convicted mass murderer of all time. Did he stand for anything or was he just a cold and heartless person who had spent his entire life in the prison system? The answers will shock you.
This book will appeal to readers searching for facts and truths about the most iconic mass murder of the 20th century. You will
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