The Acceptable Sacrifice. The Excellency of a Broken Heart

The Acceptable Sacrifice. The Excellency of a Broken Heart

John Bunyan
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With spiritual sensitivity and in a meticulous manner Bunyan carefully unveils the splendor and attraction of a heart that has been broken by the Lord. —Tommy Tenney

When came his skill? He learned it of the God of Jacob; he learned it of the Holy Ghost; for the Holy Ghost is the great counsellor who teaches us how to advocate his cause aright. —Charles Spurgeon

The One Who gave us our hearts is the One Who also will break our hearts.

The One Who breaks our hearts is the One Who heals our hearts.

John Bunyan's words are delivered with compelling conviction as he passionately portrays the beauty of the only sacrifice that is acceptable to God. With carefully crafted words he describes the wonder and majesty of a heart broken before the Lord. The brokenhearted are not forsaken or ignored, for they are "His jewels, His beloved."

The Acceptable Sacrifice is a timeless message and must be read by all who desire to enter into the Presence of the Lord.

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