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The Hana Du Rose Mysteries 10 Book Collection

K T Bowes
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He met his soul mate on a dirty London train.

Then spent his life trying to find her.

He felt sure she'd remember the encounter. 


But she didn't. 


Two decades later in New Zealand, Hana's world is falling apart. When she drops her handbag at the feet of the handsome stranger, she's unprepared for his reaction. 


But another man has her on his radar. He's watching her and waiting for his opportunity. 

One loves her and the other means her harm. 


Both have her attention now. 


Download this extended boxed set and read without interruption. 

These novels are contained in your bundle:

Logan Du Rose,

About Hana,

Hana Du Rose,

Du Rose Legacy,

The New Du Rose Matriarch,

One Heartbeat,

The Du Rose Prophecy,

Du Rose Sons,

Du Rose Family Ties,

Du Rose Vendetta.

K T Bowes
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