Boundaries Workbook: When to Say Yes When to Say No To Take...

Boundaries Workbook: When to Say Yes When to Say No To Take Control of Your Life

Henry Cloud
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The New York Times bestselling book Boundaries has helped millions understand that being a loving Christian does not mean never saying no. This newly updated and expanded companion workbook provides practical exercises for setting boundaries in marriage, parenting, business, and friendships in a digital age.

Following the newly updated and expanded edition of Boundaries chapter-by-chapter, this interactive workbook helps you look at specific relationships in your own life. With those situations in mind, you can ask and answer:

  • Why do I feel guilty about setting clear boundaries?
  • What if the boundaries I set hurt the other person?
  • Is it difficult for me to hear no from others?
  • What are examples of legitimate boundaries at work and home?
  • How can I have good boundaries online?
  • How can I stay connected while still setting boundaries with my phone?
  • In what ways do I need to set better...
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