Mastering C Pointers. Tools for Programming Power, Second...

Mastering C Pointers. Tools for Programming Power, Second Edition

Robert J. Traister (Auth.)
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If you don't fully understand C pointers and how they are used, you're not getting the most out of C programming. This book features complete coverage on using and controlling C language pointers to make C applications more powerful and expressive. This new edition is completely updated and revised to reflect the changes that have been brought about with the full adoption of ANSI C. All discussions and program examples have been updated, and reading materials necessary for any modern ANSI C programmer have also been added.
Includes one 3 1/2" disk containing all of the working programs and modules found in the book.
System Requirements: 286 or higher IBM PC or compatible.
* Includes three entirely new chapters and many new or revised programs covering the latest techniques and advances in C
* Provides a 3.5" disk containing all of the working programs and modules found within the text
* Explains pointers in a friendly, easy-to-follow style to allow for quick implentation of new techniques
* Serves as a useful tool to both beginning and intermediate programmers for mastering pointers
* Includes numerous examples to provide continued reinforcement of techniques
Elsevier Inc, Academic Press
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english, 1993
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