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Nelson's Foundational Bible Concordance with the King James Version Bible

Thomas Nelson
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Nelson's Foundational Bible Concordance is prepared with immediacy, simplicity, thoroughness, and accuracy in mind. Every passage of scripture can be located quickly and with ease. The most helpful tools have been included to aid in pronunciation, distinguishing multiple persons or places, and to understand actual meaning. Nelson's Foundational Bible Concordance includes the most likely places for the user to find every verse in the Bible. By eliminating common and non-distinctive words, references to more distinctive words within a given verse are easily located.

Features include:

  • An easy-to-use method for locating scripture passages quickly
  • Tools to aid in pronunciation, differentiation between multiple persons with the same name, and understanding of the actual meaning
  • In addition to the full Concordance materials, the eBook version of Nelson's Foundational Bible Concordance also contains an appendix of the full text of the King James Version Bible. All verse references in the Concordance are linked to that verse in the Bible so that you can easily navigate between the Concordance and Bible text.

    Thomas Nelson
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