Handbook of Green Chemicals 2 ed.

Handbook of Green Chemicals 2 ed.

Ash Michael, Ash Irene
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Ash Michael. Handbook of Green Chemicals 2 ed. 2008 [pdf 3392sc 3391c. 87.78mb] 

The increase of environmental concerns and government regulations has spurred the chemical industry to innovation and reformulation of products that address a broad spectrum of human and environmental safety factors. Defining "green" chemicals is difficult because the concept encompasses a variety of factors: perception, empirical values, geographical area of use, the application for which they are used, available alternatives, and a knowledge of the total manufacturing process.
The Handbook of Green Chemicals describes approximately 7000 trade names that provide one or more of the following green attributes: biodegradable, environmentally safe/friendly, recyclable, HAP’s-free, low ozone-depleting/non-ozone-depleting, VOC-compliant/low-VOC/VOC-free, low global warming, low vapor pressure chemicals, non-CFC/non-HCFC, SNAP, non-hazardous, SARA-non-reportable, halogen-free, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic.
This Handbook is designed to serve as a starting point and guideline in the decision-making process of chemical and material selection. Before making a final selection, all factors in the total process of product formulation must be considered, along with the government regulations that pertain to the specified application and site of use.

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