Golden Age Classics: The Collected Short Fiction

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Golden Age Classics: The Collected Short Fiction

Edmond Hamilton
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Scanned, converted, re-formatted, proofed, custom title page, custom book cover and eBook creation by Jerry.

This is a truly massive and monumental omnibus/collection of (most of) the magazine fiction of science fiction pioneer Edmond Hamilton (1904-1977). Jerry eBooks has combined their two already-huge collections, Golden Age Classics and The Worlds of Edmond Hamilton, into a pretty comprehensive eBook that contains over 240 works of fiction. This includes all of the Captain Future novels/stories, eight novel-length pieces that were not reprinted until the eBook age, the entire Star Kings saga, all of the Interplanetary Patrol stories, dozens and dozens of rarely-if-ever-reprinted stories, etc., etc. This is one of the most important eBooks that I have ever downloaded.

One caveat: All novels in this eBook are the original magazine versions, not the later book editions. Some novels (Outside the Universe, etc.) changed little if at all, while others (Battle for the Stars, etc.) were significantly expanded for later book publication, so beware!

We here at Tom's eBooks have prepared a special RTF document that comprehensively lists the Table of Contents of this massive eBook. It will be uploaded under the title "Golden Age Classics of Edmond Hamilton 2021 edition, Table of Contents RTF".

Tom Dean

[email protected]

August 2022

Jerry eBooks
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