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Wrist Arthroscopy

Thomas B. Hughes Jr. MD, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss MD (auth.), William B. Geissler MD (eds.)
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Dr. William B. Geissler has selected an international group of experts to compose this practical guide to wrist arthroscopy that is a comprehensive reference for both orthopedic residents new to the field and for experienced orthopedic surgeons looking to refine their technique. The book covers fundamental topics, such as arthroscopic anatomy and the proper evaluation of wrist pain, before advancing to thorough discussions of electrothermal shrinkage, arthroscopy of the thumb and small joints of the hand, and specific diagnoses for an array of common injuries.
Orthopedists will appreciate the emphasis that this book places on the treatment of wrist disorders. Current minimally invasive procedures are described in detail, including management of carpal instability, new techniques in arthroscopic repair of TFCC tears, and arthroscopic excision of both volar and dorsal wrist ganglia. Tips and tricks are highlighted that make implementing new techniques easier.
The depth of knowledge and attention to detail found in this book reflect Dr. Geissler’s dedication to teaching others. In the foreword, Dr. Terry L. Whipple, a pioneer in wrist arthroscopy, notes that the text is an excellent user-friendly resource. Orthopedists looking to master the latest techniques in arthroscopic wrist surgery will find it invaluable.

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