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Church Dogmatics

Karl Barth
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"The treatment is monumental and enormously stimulating. . . . The range of Barth's reading in the field of theology is colossal, and his summaries of the history of many doctrines and controversies are of first-rate importance. . . . An outstanding achievement."--London Quarterly and Holborn Review One of the most important theological works ever written, Barth's magnum opus is essential for serious students of Christian doctrine. Now this closely reasoned masterpiece of brilliant insight into the work and attributes of God, creation, Jesus, and the Christian life is available in a handsome hardcover set. The 14 volumes of this omnibus collection include: THE DOCTRINE OF THE WORD OF GODI.1 Doctrine of the Word of GodI.2 Revelation of God THE DOCTRINE OF GODII.1 Knowledge of GodII.2 Election of God THE DOCTRINE OF CREATIONIII.1 Work of CreationIII.2 The CreatureIII.3 Creator and CreatureIII.4 The Command of God THE DOCTRINE OF RECONCILIATIONIV.1 Doctrine of ReconciliationIV.2 Jesus Christ, Servant and LordIV.3.1 Jesus Christ, the True WitnessIV.3.2 Jesus Christ, the True WitnessIV.4 The Christian Life INDEXV. Index with Aids for the Preacher (Including short paragraph descriptions of each section; Scripture, name, and subject indices; and weekly sermon ideas with Scriptures for the church year) Barth's "canon of conviction" is evangelical because it is God-centered--stressing God's encounter with man rather than man's discovery of God; and its object, source, and norm is the transcendent God of the gospel. Church Dogmatics reveals Barth's fully developed theology, and his writings continue to instruct and guide preachers, teachers, students, congregations, and laypeople worldwide today.

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