I Shall Seal the Heavens Book 06: Fame That Rocks the Ninth...

I Shall Seal the Heavens Book 06: Fame That Rocks the Ninth Mountain; the Path to True Immortality

Er Gen (耳根)
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The memories of time spent in the quasi-illusory world of the ancient Demon Immortal Sect were something that would stay with Meng Hao for a lifetime. For the first time since the mysterious disappearance of his parents, he had experienced true fatherly love. And, of course, he had successfully swindled, conned, and profited off all of the other so-called 'elites' who had participated in that aeons-spanning dream, earning a great fortune in the process! Life was finally looking up for Meng Hao. He had mastered nine soul-totems, saved the Golden Crow tribe, gotten his beloved blood mastiff back, had his perverted parrot and garrulous meat jelly sidekicks, built a nigh-indestructible body, earned a new brother, and won blessings from the legacy of Lord Li himself.
But no amount of good luck can last forever, and those who fly too close to the sun will often find themselves burnt to ash. Many have lusted after his power, from the cunning Wang Patriarch to the deadly Dawn Immortal, and they have judged that the time is ripe to finally pluck the fruits of Meng Hao's endeavors. Incredible danger lurks around every corner, and death seems to be a foregone conclusion. Will this be the end of Meng Hao's budding legend? Or shall he once more find a way to be reborn from the ashes of despair?
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I Shall Seal the Heavens
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english, 2021
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