Grammar for Great Writing B

Grammar for Great Writing B

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Each of the three books in this series consists of 15 units, and each unit focuses solidly on one area of grammar that causes problems for ESL and EFL writers. These 45 grammar points have been selected based on input from experienced English language teachers and student writers. Although many grammar points appear in only one book, others are so important that they appear in more than one book. Students work with the grammar point in increasingly more complex sentences and rhetorical modes as they progress through the different levels of the series.

The units have been carefully designed so that they may be taught in any order. In fact, it is possible to skip units if teachers believe that a particular grammar point is not problematic for their students. In other words, teachers should review the Scope and Sequence, which calls out the common student errors addressed in each unit, and carefully choose which of the 15 grammar topics to present and in which order.

Grammar for great writing
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