Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers. Macromolecules...

Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers. Macromolecules Containing Silicon, Phosphorus, and Other Inorganic Elements

Martel Zeldin, Kenneth J. Wynne, and Harry R. Allcock (Eds.)
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Content: An introduction to inorganic and organometallic polymers / Kenneth J. Wynne --
Polysilane high polymers : an overview / Robert West and Jim Maxka --
Polycarbosilanes : an overview / Dietmar Seyferth --
Soluble polysilane derivatives : chemistry and spectroscopy / R.D. Miller, J.F. Rabolt, R. Sooriyakumaran, W. Fleming, G.N. Fickes, B.L. Farmer, and H. Kuzmany --
Poly(di-n-hexylsilane) in room-temperature solution : photophysics and photochemistry / J. Michl, J.W. Downing, T. Karatsu, K.A. Klingensmith, G.M. Wallraff, and R.D. Miller --
New synthetic routes to polysilanes / K. Matyjaszewski, Y.L. Chen, and H.K. Kim --
Polymerization of group 14 hydrides by dehydrogenative coupling / John F. Harrod --
Polysilylene preparations / D.J. Worsfold --
Characterization of copolydiorganosilanes with varying compositions / Samuel P. Sawan, Yi-Guan Tsai, and Horng-Yih Huang --
Synthetic routes to oligosilazanes and polysilazanes : polysilazane precursors to silicon nitride / Richard M. Laine, Yigal D. Blum, Doris Tse, and Robert Glaser --
Organosilicon polymers as precursors for silicon-containing ceramics : recent Developments / Dietmar Seyferth, Gary H. Wiseman, Joanne M. Schwark, Yuan-Fu Yu, and Charles A. Poutasse --
NMR characterization of a polymethyldisilylazane / a precursor to Si-C-N-O ceramics / Jonathan Lipowitz, James A. Rabe, and Thomas M. Carr --
Silicon-nitrogen-containing rings and polymers / Z. Lasocki, B. Dejak, J. Kulpinski, E. Lesniak, S. Piechucki, and M. Witekowa --
Recent advances in organosiloxane copolymers / J.D. Summers, C.S. Elsbernd, P.M. Sormani, P.J.A. Brandt, C.A. Arnold, I. Yilgor, J.S. Riffle, S. Kilic, and J.E. McGrath --
Polysiloxanes functionalized with 3-(1-oxypyridinyl) groups : catalysts for transacylation reactions of carboxylic and phosphoric acid derivatives / Martel Zeldin, Wilmer K. Fife, Cheng-xiang Tian, and Jian-min Xu --
Photochemical behavior of organosilicon polymers bearing phenyldisilanyl units / Mitsuo Ishikawa and Kazuo Nate --
Routes to molecular metals with widely variable counterions and band-filling : electrochemistry of a conductive organic polymer with an inorganic backbone / Tobin J. Marks, John G. Gaudiello, Glen E. Kellogg, and Stephen M. Tetrick --
A new approach to the synthesis of alkyl silicates and organosiloxanes / George B. Goodwin and Malcolm E. Kenney --
Current status of polyphosphazene chemistry / Harry R. Allcock --
Phosphazene polymers : synthesis, structure, and properties / Robert E. Singler, Michael S. Sennett, and Reginald A. Willingham --
Polyphosphazenes : performance polymers for specialty applications / H.R. Penton --
Poly(alkyl/arylphosphazenes) / Robert H. Neilson, R. Hani, G.M. Scheide, U.G. Wettermark, P. Wisian-Neilson, R.R. Ford, and A.K. Roy --
Hybrid inorganic-organic polymers derived from organofunctional phosphazenes / Christopher W. Allen --
Polybis(pyrrolyl)phosphazene / R.C. Haddon, S.V. Chichester, and T.N. Bowmer --
Skeletal stabilization as the basis for synthesis of novel phosph(III)azane oligomers and polymers / Elizabeth G. Bent, Joseph M. Barendt, R. Curtis Haltiwanger, and Arlan D. Norman --
Structure of sol-gel-derived inorganic polymers : silicates and borates / C.J. Brinker, B.C. Bunker, D.R. Tallant, K.J. Ward, and R.J. Kirkpatrick --
Organically modified silicates as inorganic-organic polymers / H.K. Schmidt --
Sol-gel preparation and properties of fibers and coating films / S. Sakka, K. Kamiya, and Y. Yoko --
New hybrid materials incorporating poly(tetramethylene oxide) into tetraethoxysilane-based sol-gel glasses : structure-property behavior / Hao-Hsin Huang, Raymond H. Glaser, and Garth L. Wilkes --
Precursors to nonoxide macromolecules and ceramics / C.K. Narula, R.T. Paine, and R. Schaeffer --
Boron-nitrogen polymer precursors / S. Yvette Shaw, Donn A. DuBois, and Robert H. Neilson --
Boron nitride and its precursors / K.J.L. Paciorek, W. Krone-Schmidt, D.H. Harris, R.H. Kratzer, and Kenneth J. Wynne --
Electron transport in and electrocatalysis with polymeric films of metallotetraphenylporphyrins / B.A. White, S.A. Raybuck, A. Bettelheim, K. Pressprich, and Royce W. Murray --
Electronically conducting films of poly(trisbipyridine)-metal complexes / C. Michael Elliott, J.G. Redepenning, S.J. Schmittle, and E.M. Balk --
Copper chloride complexes with poly(2-vinylpyridine) / A.M. Lyons, E.M. Pearce, M.J. Vasile, A.M. Mujsce, and J.V. Waszczak --
Cationic and condensation polymerization of organometallic monomers / Kenneth E. Gonsalves and Marvin D. Rausch --
Soluble metal chelate polymers of coordination numbers 6, 7, and 8 / Ronald D. Archer, Bing Wang, Valentino J. Tramontano, Annabel Y. Lee, and Ven O. Ochaya --
A new class of oligomeric organotin compounds / Robert R. Holmes, Roberta O. Day, V. Chandrasekhar, Charles G. Schmid, K.C. Kumara Swamy, and Joan M. Holmes --
NMR characterization of the compositional and configurational sequencing of tri-n-butyltin polymers / Jon M. Bellama and William F. Manders.
American Chemical Society
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ACS Symposium Series 360
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english, 1988
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