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Commentary on the Old Testament

C. F. Keil & Franz Delitzsch
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Carl Friedrich Keil (1807 – 1888) and Franz Delitzsch (1813 – 1890) were conservative German Lutheran Old Testament scholars whose commentary on the Old Testament has remained a classic for well over a century.


"Keil and Delitzsch's "Commentary on the Old Testament" is a classic of the nineteenth century. It is popular with conservatives because of its theology. But its sharp insights mean it is by no means just conservatives who find it helpful--it is not uncommon, for example, to see it cited in the bibliography of an academic study. It is therefore welcome that Hendrickson have made it available in a lightly corrected version."--"Anvil"

About the Author

Franz Delitzsch (1813–1890) was professor of Old Testament at the University of Liepzig.

Johann Carl Friedrich Keil (1807–1888) was professor of Biblical Exegesis and Oriental Languages at the University of Dorpat. 

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