The Complete Works of Saint Athanasius (20 Books):...

The Complete Works of Saint Athanasius (20 Books): Cross-Linked to the Bible

St. Athanasius
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Athanasius was born in Egypt to a Christian family sometime around
295 AD. He was given a good education by his parents, and in his youth,
the local bishop, recognizing his talents, took him on as his aide. As a
result he would be present at Nicaea for the first Ecumenical council
of the church.
These works cover the full span of his life,
beginning in 319 AD, when he wrote his famous, 'On the Incarnation of
the Word'. At the time there were a number of different understandings
of Christ circulating throughout Egypt, and Christianity was not yet a
well-defined, official religion of the Roman Empire. Most of his works
center around defending the Christian faith. Also included are many of
his letters and the 'Life of St. Anthony', which became the defining
work of early monasticism.
These writings have been cataloged in
an organized fashion to make it easy to reference with the Kindle
format. In addition all the texts have been cross-linked to the King
James Bible, which is included as an appendix.
The followings books are included in this collected work:
1. Against the Heathen
2. On the Incarnation of the Word
3. Deposition of Arius
4. Statement of Faith
5. On Luke 10:22 (Matthew 11:27)
6. Circular Letter
7. Defense against the Arians
8. Defense of the Nicene Definition
9. Defense of Dionysius
10. Life of St. Anthony
11. Circular to the Bishops of Egypt and Libya
12. Defense to the Emperor
13. Defense of his flight
14. Arian History
15. Four Discourses Against the Arians
16. On the Councils
17. Letter to the people of Antioch
18. Letter to the Bishops of Africa
19. Historia Acephala
20. Letters
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