The NEW Art of Being Right: 38 Ways To Win An Argument In...

The NEW Art of Being Right: 38 Ways To Win An Argument In Today's World

Min Liu
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The NEW Art of Being Right is a modern reimagining of Arthur Schopenhauer's classic "The Art of Being Right," a classic, but difficult-to-understand tome about the "art of the debate." The NEW Art of Being Right makes Schopenhauer's 38 strategies for winning arguments (i) EASIER TO UNDERSTAND and (ii) MORE MODERN by using CURRENT EXAMPLES of the 38 strategies. In addition, The NEW Art of Being Right also provides ADDITIONAL CONTENT AND COMMENTARY not available in the original work. In this book, you will learn Schopenhauer's "framework of arguments" and the 38 strategies for how to persuade and influence others, and defeat and outwit your opponents. Diversions, indirect refutations, and other "tricks" are covered in easy to understand language and modernized examples. NEVER let someone else (including haters, trolls, enemies, and your frenemies) get the best of you again in a debate, verbal confrontation, online comment battle, press conference, or flame war! ***LIMITED TIME ONLY: SPECIAL BONUS, NEVER SEEN BEFORE CONTENT ("7 MORE WAYS TO BE RIGHT") INCLUDED!
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