How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1:...

How to Analyze People with Dark Psychology: 3 Books in 1: Dark Psychology and Manipulation, How to Read People Like a Book and Psychological Warfare. Understanding Human Behavior for a Better Life

Kingler, Christopher
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Are you tired of being prey to emotional predators and manipulators and want to learn the art of dark psychology in order to fully protect yourself?
Is someone close to you a manipulator and have you thought about escaping their terrible claws?
What kind of traits do malicious and exploitative people have? What are the psychological drives that lead people to act in ways that are contrary to social norms and harmful to others?
Dark psychology can be seen as the study of the human condition, in relation to the psychological nature of the many different types of people who prey on others. The concept of prey does not always mean that an individual is harmed, but a branch of dark psychology is entirely devoted to this.
In this field, it is also necessary to distinguish between healthy social control and psychological exploitation. There is a healthy mutual influence between most individuals, which is part of the give and take of constructive partnerships. In psychological conditioning, one individual is used for the benefit of another.
Like it or not, there will always be people out there who will try to hurt you or try to use you for their own pleasure or benefit.
This manual provides a cutting-edge distillation of some of the most influential concepts of dark psychology that are used throughout the world.
Have you ever experienced these feelings in front of someone?
A feeling of fragility.
Generalised anxiety.
Physical and mental fatigue.
Decrease in interest.
Defending this ‘someone’ in front of friends and relatives.
Justification of the actions of this person.
Amnesia about certain episodes or details of conversations.
Blame for angering this person.
Thoughts about what was wrong with provoking such a violent reaction.
Although there is still self-awareness, at this level the manipulated person will begin to waver and question what they think and feel.
If you have mirrored yourself in any of the situations listed above, then you have been manipulated.
Warning! The dark techniques within this book, if used in the manner indicated, will allow you to:
● Master the basics of persuasion and use it to become more charismatic.
● Identify the dark personalities that you will meet in your life and annihilate them.
● Acquire everything you need to know about powerful mind control techniques and tactics.
● Acquire powerful nuclear-level NLP hacks to persuade people to see or do things the way you want.
● Make use of powerful tips to improve your covert persuasion skills by mastering the art of brainwashing.
● Build an instant relationship with people and make them appreciate and trust you from the first meeting.
● Fully understand and comprehend deception and be able to protect yourself from the manipulative techniques of others.
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